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Learn Energy Healing

Laying of hands/chair style..

everyone is a healer!

2 hour

Sundays at 11am ...please text to sign up ahead Fee:$25.00

  In this workshop you will learn ancient healing/commissioned healing. Using the laying of hands thru energy to heal, chair style and distance healing. Sheila will guide you thru several techniques that you can use at home or abroad to heal yourself and others. This is a great tool for everyone to have. It increases your supply of life force energy and helps you heal quickly. It promotes relaxation, makes you feel at peace, and reduces your stress. It will help you to start moving towards your unique physical,mental and spiritual balance and your body's own healing mechanism's will begin to function more effectively.

****(pre-requisite) to be a practitioner for sunday healing share.

Sunday Healing Share

 1pm first sunday of the month

1 hour

donation fee:$10.00

please text 508.274.9688 few hours prior


The ancient tradition of Reiki or commissioned healing is used to channel universal life force energy thru practitioners to those in need of healing for physical emotional, mental and spiritual need's. In this session we will have a group meditation to balance the energy and also chair style healings with practitioners laying of hands /clothes on service. All are welcome to join or drop in. Bring a friend.

To participate as a practitioner you must complete the below" Learn energy healing workshop" with Sheila Marie Academy or be a or prior student of the Academy.

Thursday  Night Meditation's

8pm,1 hour, Fee:$15.00

please text 508.274.9688 few hours prior

Come sit as Sheila Marie takes you on a guided journey. Using many techniques that you can use on a daily basis bringing calmness and abundance to your health and daily life. This is a great class to help you become grounded and relieve symptoms of anxiety, grief,and just every day stress. All ages are welcome to attend. Leave feeling refreshed for a new positive week. Bring a friend or a family member! see you then... All ages welcome...

Reiki level 1

Reiki level 2    

Reiki Master

Seichem Reiki level 1

Seichem Master

stay tuned for upcoming class dates!!

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This workshop is designed for the serious student who would like personal  mentorship with Sheila Marie in a group setting.    Sheila Marie will teach you individually how to connect to spirit thru many different techniques. She will  teach you how to heal thru the energies of the universe. Students who have come are from prebeginner to the  professional and  some on a personal spiritual journey and others looking to enhance their intuition or psychic, mediumship. You will receive a certificate at the end of the series of completion and after taking this series you will have the pre requisite to take the mastery personal mentor webinar series.

Sheila  also offer's a mentorship program this for  advanced and individual for each student. ask for more info... payment plans available see below for more info




Intuition for everyone

  level one and two

thursday evening or sunday's

[Level-One] Intuition for everyone


3-month Program (Thursdays)  [2 hours - $400]

2 hours                    

Dates - Sept 27th, Oct 18th, Nov 8th




4-month Program (Sundays) [3 hours - $600] 

Dates: Sept 29th, Oct 28th, Nov 18th, Dec 16thA


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  [Level Two] Intuition for everyone


3-month Program [Level-Two] (Thursdays) [2 hours - $650]

Dates: Jan 10th, Feb 7th, Mar 14th



4-month Program [Level-Two] (Sundays) [3 hours - $850]

Dates: Jan 6th, Feb 3rd, Mar 3rd, Apr 7th


classes begin again   september 20th,2018