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INTUITION FOR SUCCESS      2017/2018  



Join us if you are Ready to;


To let go of the FEAR thats holding you back on your path


To create ABUNDANCE and  harmony in your career


To TRUST the  universal laws of energy to set you on your path


To  GROW your network  with like minded business associates



"We guide you to brake the barriers of your human experience

connecting you to  the Universal Energies within you  to create abundance in your life"



Our workshops have become the worlds leading guideline for the Elite Entrepreneur Business Leader.  We  offer a diverse, personal experience other programs are unable to offer in the Intuitive and Entrepreneur community.


You will be lead by renowned forensic medium Sheila Marie and her Mastery alumnae team. Our goal is to help you to  achieve to the best of your potential connecting you with Universal energies  so you can achieve success and abundance on your journey.


Our workshops and seminars are unique and  positive. They are free of ego and competition which makes for a comfortable learning space. We have had thousands of  participants that have reached their set goals and life purpose. We look forward in becoming part of your journey


This workshop is a pre requisite for Mastery webinar 10 week



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Contact us at 508-274-9688


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