Intuition for Everyone Sunday 8 month "Intuition for Everyone " solstice pic 423212_2708481589747_12594debhall mill148_n

8 month  series  

"Intuition for Everyone"

prebeginner to Pro

Fee: $1,300.00 (early bird) / $1,500.00 (after Nov 5th)2017/2018

payment plans available in 3 installments

limited seating

This workshop is designed for the student who would like to connect to psychic files and the spirit realm. Sheila Marie will teach you individually how to connect to spirit thru many different techniques. We help you to let go of the fear and trust in your higher power. We teach you how to heal thru the energies of the universe. Students who have come are from prebeginner to the  professional and  some on a personal spiritual journey and others looking to enhance their mediumship . You will receive a certificate at the end of the series of completion and after taking this series you will have the pre requisite to take the mastery 10 week webinar and mediumship series.

Sunday November 5th,2018 2pm to 6pm

Sunday December 3rd, 2108 2pm to 6pm

Sunday January 7th , 2018 2pm to 6pm

Sunday January 28th , 2018 2pm to 6pm

Sunday February 11th , 2018 2pm to 6pm

Sunday March 18th, 2018 2pm to 6pm

Sunday April 22nd 2018 2pm to 6pm

Sunday May 6th 2018,2pm to 6pm


*payment plan available

3 installments

call or text 508.274.9688



All ages welcome





2 day  

Time : 2pm to 6 pm


Learn to connect to the universal energies thru visual meditation, psychic files, psychometry, commissioned healing, medium ship, intuition.






Things to know about classes:


All classes  are available live online...please contact 508.274.9688 prior to event

(student will pay same sitting fee as in person if online)

classes are limited for seating in studio.


Intuition for everyone

more info please contact Sheila Marie 508.274.9688 text or call..

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