Our workshops have become the worlds leading guideline for the Intuitive Business Leader and Holistic Healer. They offer a diverse, personal experience other programs are unable to offer in the Intuitive community.


You will be lead by renowned forensic medium Sheila Marie Gerard and her graduating alumnae. Each attendee will receive an Academy certificate at the end of each workshop. Our goal is to help you to  achieve to the best of your potential connecting you with Universal energies within your inner light system so you can achieve success an abundance on your journey.


Our workshops and seminars are unique and  positive.  They are free of ego and competition wich makes for a comfortable learning space. We have had hundreds of  participants that have reached their set goals and have gone on to be multi millionares in there businesses . As well as many  Professional Healers in all Modalities of Holistic Health acheiving their goals  and life purpose.   We look forward in becoming part of your journey.


Live in Peace and Enlightenment,

Sheila Marie Gerard

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